Working World construction industry

We specialise in recruitment for construction companies. WW construction operates seperate Construction Divisions, which can provide temporary workers unskilled labor force, Mechanical & Electrical, CIVILS & Construction Operators and Management. We provide temporary staff for both local and international construction companies.

Recruitment unambiguously has a rental plant division. We can supply a wide range of valet or self drive construction plants from their large modern fleet.

What jobs does Working World offer for the construction companies?

construction industryOur company works closely with construction companies of all boats to provide specialized recruitment and staffing services sizes and candidates.
WW has quickly become the big partner for the construction industry. We focus on the most important sectors of the construction industry, including housing, business, institutional and industrial divisions, which aim to set the highest standards of professionalism and quality in employment services.

Our agency WW construction aims to assist construction workers, craftsmen, newbies and professionals when looking for new jobs. If you are looking for a job in construction, you came to the right place. We have created a new standard in staffing and recruitment to traders in the construction and industry markets. The people we employ are professional, experienced, skilled workers who come fully equipped and ready to carry out the work you need.

Qualified employees are the foundation

Working World offers staff flexibility, help your company keep the schedule when you're lagging behind. If a deadline has been moved we will keep up. Working World construction industry
When a key employee informs about unexpected illness or you just need an extra set of hands, we can recruit qualified people to help your team get back on track.

WW construction - offers all employees a positive work experience, valuable training and a healthy benefits package; The attention and respect we offer our employees means we are able to attract and maintain the best traders in your industry. Our large pool of skilled candidates means that we never have to send unqualified staff to your job site - and we will never do so.

Collaboration with leading construction companies.

Whether you are looking to build a refinery, power plant, pipeline or mine, we will help you to stack your team with the best possible craftsmen for your particular project. WW Construction will work closely with you to recruit and staff Industrial positions for your particular market.

The workers we deliver come fully equipped and professionally trained, with a can-do attitude guarantee your satisfaction. Due to we provide our craftsmen with full time work, competitive wages, a benefits package and more training opportunities, we are able to attract and recruit a large pool of skilled laborers - some of the best candidates in the industrial market today.