Cleaning with Working World

Why is it better for workers and employers to use a WW cleaning agency?

Many people work as cleaners in the consumer and commercial sectors, as it is a great way to earn a stable income – there is always a need.
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Cleaning is a flexible job with varying tasks depending on the type of cleaning task. Domestic cleaning generally involves jobs within households or business offices and commercial activities may include cleaning offices inside and out, which can often be large premises.

If you want a practical job that provides flexibility among with the responsibility to work on your own - cleaning can just be the role for you.

Responsibility is key in the agencies

Daily respnsibilities will vary from day to day but will usually include tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and wiping surfaces. Cleaning an office space will usually require preparing entire office for start of business and that kind of job is usually outside office working hours.

Independent job seeker or recruiting agency like Working World?

There is quite a confusion when it comes to determining whether a cleaner is classified as an employee or self-employed, but generally a cleaner will be employed through an agency. The reason for this is because if they were self-employed, they would usually have to provide adequate coverage to do a job. Agencies take the paper work of the workers – so they can focus on a tasks.

Most of the cleaners will be freelance employed by a local agency, not just because of the above scenario, but also to facilitate not having to sort tax returns and payments. They will normally receive regular work on a flexible basis, as the Agency will be looking for new business contracts, and it will also offer additional work whose coverage is necessary at a shift in times of illness or absence. Plus it eliminates the need for arguments and all the issues related to having an own business.


Qualifications required for this kind of jobs at Working World

Due to cleaning being categorized as unskilled work, there is a need for some special qualifications, but previous experience is usually considered useful and key.

If you use cleaning chemicals and equipment, you may need to follow safety procedures and most companies will cover this in training programs along with health and safety training.

Most companies will look to rent a cleaner through an agency (like our organization) for the reliability factor because otherwise the cleaner would have been investigated and all the relevant checks would be done to ensure they are allowed to work by the Swedish law.