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No Satisfaction – No Pay – You will only pay us after you have hired your new employee after 3 months of trial period.

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We carefully screen all new possible employees. We never hire people who do not have a positive attitude and background. Everyone in our network has a family and has organized relationship in Poland. Also everyone, yes everyone, has previously been working abroad and has international experience.

Almost all of our workers do speak English. In cases where someone does not speak English, they will be only sent together with English speaking colleagues. We take this principle as a rule.

Labor force from WW


When you work in this industry you will mostly find yourself working for a cleaning company. These companies will find customers who need working force and will assign their own suitable employees to complete the required tasks. With these jobs you want a guaranteed salary and also opportunities for overtime and extra work if you wish to earn more. You will often find yourself working in different environments every day.

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This industry provides services and intangible products (the products that do not necessarily have to be stored physically) as their primary source of income. Service companies in WW include among the others: retails, catering, goods, services, transportation, distribution and logistics, accounting and financial services, tourism, IT services and many more service-related type companies. Do you think the service sector could be an industry that you would like to get a job in?



As cities grow on the horizon, there is an increasing need for both unskilled and skilled labor force. The construction industry is always looking for talents and experience and also for „fresh meat”, which is why so many people continue to pursuit careers in this sector. Best way to start a career for a construction company is to get recruited by a reputable recruitment company.

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